I have got a workout for you today,  minutes,. that s all it takes. So no excuses this time! If you don t have time to workout, you ve. got  minutes, and if you don t have  minutes, then something is wrong with you man, you. ve got to restructure your life. Just kidding! But,  minutes, this is how we are going to. do it today. We re going to do  seconds of every single exercise, three exercises. total, nonstop if you can. What I am using to keep track of time is catch my laptop right. here. This is actually the website here.

It s really hard to see, but it s www.online-stopwatch.com.. s free. Go to Google, you type-in Online Stopwatch, and this is how I keep track of time. Sometimes,. if I don t have my laptop, I can also use my cell-phone, or if you ve got a afterburn fuel,. that will work also. So all you do is just start it and let it run for  minutes. The. first exercise we re going to do is going to be mountain climbers. We re going to do.  seconds of that, followed by plank. And after that, we re going to do knee to elbow. crunches;  seconds,  seconds,  seconds, nonstop for  minutes. So killer for your. core, and pretty good for abs, and cardiac because the amount of time is going to be. killer; so let s do that. If you re first time doing this, you want to be patient with. yourself, but it s going to be a tough one.

And I slow this one, as I mentioned both,. this is working your abs and your core here, little abs. Then up to your shoulder. Knee. to elbow crunch, up here, elbows! Now, switch! This is going to hurt tomorrow. Okay, you. need rest guys? Take rest. Really good for monster mass, my abs are burning. Now, I am going. to try this whole thing without rest. If you are doing this, you are probably burning calories.. You guys, if you want, you can do this to make it a little bit easier. Do this everyday. if you can. You re working on floor; you re doing cardio, so it s a little different than. working with weights. You can do this pretty much everyday. Trust me, if you have got . minutes; that was pretty quick, right? So it s really good, really good for your cardio.. I am actually pretty proud of myself I didn t rest, so really tough though, and you guys,. if you are doing this, and you feel like it s a little easier, extend it another minute,. or do another two minutes.